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  1. Introductions
    We are aostirmotor ebike, a new brand,have a nice day!
  2. Blog Forum
    One of the most important tips is what to do when you first get a brand new e-bike battery. While you might want to give it a try right away, the first thing you really want to do is plug it in and let it charge for 12 hours.Don’t Overcharge, and don’t Run to Empty Either. The more cargo you...
  3. Road Bikes
    Ditched the car for an electric bike. The problem of being late for work caused by traffic jams will be greatly reduced, the rush hour traffic will be far away from you, and you can work happily every day. The biggest headache is getting stuck on your way to work. Who wouldn't hate that? The...
  4. Beginners Forum
    Swap out the tires, upgrade lighting Settings, frame upgrades and other modification options that you might do. I think many e-bike enthusiasts will modify their favorite bikes, because it allows them to have a unique e-bike and increase the possibility of riding.The fun doesn't end when you...
  5. General Bike Discussion
    When you use an e-bike, you will have a longer travel experience.Ride a little faster on a long road or get a bit more torque going up a hill. E-bikes change the entire bicycle riding experience. Would you like to share your story with me about e-bikes?
  6. General Bike Discussion
    Ebikes aren't just fun, though. They're the future.Say goodbye to the crowded bus. In a Low carbon where cities are less car-centric, e-bikes will be the personal vehicle of choice for the short trips that most city dwellers take to work, dinner out, or the grocery store.Every moment of your...
  7. Blog Forum
    Electric bikes have three main components that set them apart from standard bicycles — the battery, the motor with its controller and the sensor.The battery powers the motor. This device's capability for generating power and how long it lasts are where the numbers for wattage, voltage and...
  8. General Bike Discussion
    Hey guys, I wasn't sure to put this in the folding section or ebike section. Anyway I've posted it here (sorry if i was wrong to do so) I found this info about a copy of a Strida but this has an electric motor! anyone seen one about? Blog Archive ‘Strida’ Electric Bike here's...
  9. Introductions
    Hey everyone. We are an electric bike manufacturer located in Irvine, CA. If you are ever in So. Calif., stop on by and say hi! You can learn more about us at Electric Bikes | Electric Bicycles | E-Bikes | Pedego - Electric Bikes | Electric Bicycles | E-Bikes | Pedego. Glad to be here.
1-9 of 9 Results