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  1. New Member Introductions
    New to TwoSpoke Electric Bikes | Electric Bicycles | E-bikes – Find A Dealer Or Buy Online | Offering FREE SHIPPING to any Twospoke Members in March
  2. Industry News
    Check out this news story and video from CBS news, Los Angeles about electric bikes gaining traction with Baby Boomers. Electric Bicycles Gain Traction At Beach -
  3. Industry News
    Lots of press recently about electric bikes. Check out: Electric bike wins bike of the year - Bike Europe - News: E-Bike Elected as 2010 Dutch Bike of the Year Is Portland ready for e-bikes? - Blog Archive Is Portland (and America) ready for e-bikes? New York Times article...
  4. General Bike Discussion
    Electric Bicycles Deadly on China's Streets - The article is about the huge popularity of e-bikes in China. From the pictures, they look like mopeds, i.e., more heavy-duty than regular bicycles. However, the driving habits of the owners seem to be a problem :eek: But, it appears they...
1-4 of 4 Results