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  1. Mountain Biking
    took her out for her first real ride...3+ hours. usually, i am feeling it after 2 hours...some minor adjustments and this thing will be ready for most anything i can throw at it. i was worried (from what i've read) that it would climb horribly...not so at all! feels much lighter in all...
  2. Beginners Forum
    I do mostly road riding, but this is New England so roads are often crap. 40-50 miles total on a weekend in season, want a bike to stretch it more. I'm thinking hybrid/"fitness" bike, i.e. a road bike with bit wider tires and upright handlebar, can't stand drop bars, and how shall I put it...
  3. Mountain Biking
    i know this is the 'best' bargain (bottom of the barrel) FS bike out there for under $1000. i just want something to hit decent singletrack HARD without wearing myself out. at 46, i won't be doing insane drops or jumps at all, but just want to be able to scramble up rocky/rooty PA and DE trails...
1-3 of 3 Results