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lance armstrong
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  1. Professional Cycling
    Just read an article that Landis is now saying he actually witnessed Lance taking PED's and having blood transfusions. I am curious what the TwoSpoke community thinks about these allegations...Any thoughts on this or the accusations against the other top American riders.
  2. Off Topic
    I'm a pretty typical Anti-Armstrong for no good reason but I saw this and thought it was funny. Twitter / Lance Armstrong: Golfed w/ @college6 today. ...
  3. General Bike Discussion
    This just in.... IMBA News: News Releases: Leadville Trail 100 Champ to Host Mountain-town Movie Tour of “Race Across the Sky” (01-21-10)
  4. Professional Cycling
    I've always been a big fan of L.A but since this years T>D>F I've gone off the guy completely. HIs attitude on the presentation platform and his snubbing Contador's celebration meal was just attrocious. Now he's bad mouthing Contador to the Press. Armstrong Slams Contador's Entourage |...
1-4 of 4 Results