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  1. Road Bikes
    I have to drive for a my job so I'm not able to ride to work. I decided though that I'd start trying to ride more for other commuting reasons. While the bride is at work I was tasked with a run to the store. I was resolved that today would be the day I start riding more so come hell or high...
  2. Mountain Biking
    I'm looking to add capacity to my daily cruiser. I've seen some front mounted panniers. I don't like the look personally but aside from going to larger rear panniers and toppling over backwards how can I improve storage? Anybody ever use them? Any body have any other storage ideas?
  3. Expedition & Touring
    I saw a few low cost panniers made from square buckets, so I thought I would give it a try. Here's my progress so far. I sanded the logos, since I don't ride professionally for a cat litter company. Next I cut some padding from some spare tool box lining I had. Next I will paint the panniers...
1-3 of 3 Results