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  1. Road Bikes
    This is my first post, so hello! I am in the process of buying a commuter/road bike. I already have a regular road bike, but it doesn't accept a rack and I don't like backpacks. I have about a five mile ride to work with some hills. I may want to hit some dirt roads on the way. Am looking...
  2. Road Bikes
    Being nubes to road bikes we did not realize that CF bikes could not have a kick stand. I want to buy or build a bike stand for two bikes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I just cant see leaning a nice bike like that against the wall.
  3. Beginners Forum
    I am new to biking via triathalons. I just got a road bike and I am looking into bike racks for my car (Saturn 2-door) as well as how to store my bike securely in my garage. I have been reading a lot about people stealing bikes off your car as well as out of your garage. Does anyone have an...
1-3 of 3 Results