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  1. General Bike Discussion
    Please follow trail rules. On Sunday a person crashed because 2 people were riding next to each other blocking Cal-Sag trail forcing him to go off the path. Please respect the rules and other riders.
  2. Road Bikes
    We wanted to share the shots of our new kit which just launched on Kickstarter to get any feedback and returns from the cycling community which would be very helpful! 😄 Thank you all for your comments and good riding to you all. 🚴 Have a look for yourself @ View...
  3. Road Bikes
    Hello Somebody, I'm looking for some info about this frame, ride quality, stiffness, comfort, ecc ecc there's anyone who ride this frame can tell something about ? Thank you
  4. Professional Cycling
    Just read an article that Landis is now saying he actually witnessed Lance taking PED's and having blood transfusions. I am curious what the TwoSpoke community thinks about these allegations...Any thoughts on this or the accusations against the other top American riders.
  5. Beginners Forum
    I really want to get me a road bike soon for longer rides, I have been putting around 100 miles a week on my mountain bike. The mtb is working out fine but I think the road bike would make the 24 mile round trip to my parents house much more comfortable plus I would like to start doing farther...
  6. General Bike Discussion
    I'm a casual rider - weekends mostly - I am looking to purchase new wheels for my Specialized - Allez, Sport. The wheels that came with the bike, new, are AlexRims - AT400. Hate'em. I weigh 235 lbs. and the wheels just can't take the beating. Can someone recommend a good, durable...
  7. Road Bikes
    I have been cycling as a hobby/for exercise/commute to work regularly since 2006. My annual routine seems to be as such: -Springtime comes, start to ride -Ride every day in the summer (~1 hour (15 miles), some longer rides) -Ride most days in the fall (~1 hour) -Gets cold, stop riding I started...
  8. General Bike Discussion
    Curious what the make-up here is ...
  9. Road Bikes
    I have been using Michelin PRO Race2 and 3 for the past few years and have been quite satisfied but there are so many others to choose from. I'm getting ready to mount the wheels for spring even though riding is still a month away. I will be getting new tires and I am itching to try something...
  10. Road Bikes
    Hey guys! I just wanted to pick your brains on what you typically upgrade first when you purchase a bike (assuming it doesn't have all the stuff you want in the first place). I know answers are going to be all over the board, but just let me know. Do you first get a new saddle? or do you...
  11. Road Bikes
    hi every one i need to upgrade my road brake set ... and i'm looking these 2 set so witch one are you recommande ... and why 1-fsa energy 2-tektro r740
  12. Road Bikes
    I don't understand the advantage of having an 11 speed (gear) rear cassette over say 10/9/8/7/6 or 5 speed cassette? Is this the same marketing gimmick as the 4 or 5 bladed razor? You don't get a closer shave from a 4 or 5 bladed razor than a 3 bladed razor, if you think so I would submit that...
  13. Beginners Forum
    I started cycling recently and I'm having knee pain hours after a ride but not during. Any body else ever have this? I called my Dr. he said it was normal. Is it?
  14. General Bike Discussion
    As I've talked about I'm a big guy biking to lose weight. I was on the road about a quarter of a mile from my house and I had a blow out. I was worried it was a weight issue but I'm thinking not. It just blew out. Any idea what could cause this? I called my bike shop and they said it could be a...
  15. General Bike Discussion
    Since I'm the proud owner of a 2009 (or rather 2010 since my frame is being replaced) Defy Advanced 2, let me be the first to post here. I get the feeling there are not too many Giant owners out there. :(
  16. Road Bikes
    Can someone tell me if it's a good idea to put a chainstay protector (or some other type of protection) on a road bike. Also, any other suggestions on how to protect a carbon fiber frame would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Road Bikes
    I have not ridden much in the last 6 weeks due to schedule and crappy weather. Today was great so I went out to do one of my regular 15 mile routes and felt like I was pulling 2 tons of weight behind me. Can 6 weeks really make that much difference? I was very discouraged when I finished...
  18. General Bike Discussion
    Although at 56 I may not have seen the fall of the Roman Empire there are days I feel like my body has been around that long. I love where I am at in life. That said, having just returned from nine days aboard a cruise ship with my wife I was / am, suprised how my riding conditioning quickly...
  19. General Bike Discussion
    When do I need to change the tape on my handle Bars? It's not coming off yet but it's getting gross and it's not nearly as cushy as it used to be. Is there anything I need to do to re-tape it right?
1-20 of 32 Results