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  1. Road Bikes
    I want to switch my old, piece of crap frame with a slightly newer, better looker one. the new frame is 56cm, i'm not sure what the old one is exactly but i measured it to around 55cm. can i have them swapped or will it be much more difficult that i am thinking?
  2. General Bike Discussion
    Hi all, I've been shopping around for road tires, 27x1-1/4, and was wondering if anyone has strong opinions. I am just a weekend rider. I didn't want the cheap stuff and didn't want to spend a lot either. Do I need to consider tpi, wire-bead rim, etc? What brand tire seems to be most...
  3. Beginners Forum
    I do mostly road riding, but this is New England so roads are often crap. 40-50 miles total on a weekend in season, want a bike to stretch it more. I'm thinking hybrid/"fitness" bike, i.e. a road bike with bit wider tires and upright handlebar, can't stand drop bars, and how shall I put it...
  4. Road Bikes[email protected]/sets/72157621753599086/ These are some pictures of my 1975 Panasonic Tourist-10 road bike and 1970 era Raleigh Sports bike. The original speedometer that was on the Panasonic broke so I replaced it with the one shown. I found the speedometer on Ebay...
1-4 of 4 Results