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  1. General Bike Discussion
    I think, bobbing the head up and down by the ears is one of the bad habits.
  2. General Bike Discussion
    We're already cold here, and now we need to wear long pants for all our rides to avoid catching a cold after exercise without keeping warm.
  3. General Bike Discussion
    In Autumn, the roads are particularly leafy. When we ride fast, these leaves can easily make our car skid, which is something we should be very careful about. Of course, it is getting darker earlier, the light is also very important for us. Any other suggestions for fall riding?
  4. General Bike Discussion
    Join the Santic Cycling Club, where a random winner from the top 30 weekly cycling leaderboards will get every week giveaway, worth $319.77 The giveaway package includes: 1. Santic Winter Ear Protection Hat-$12.79 2. Santic Noah Men's Jersey-$39.99 3. Santic Walton Ⅱ Men's Winter Tight-$66.99...
  5. General Bike Discussion
    Which brand of cycling Jerseys is the best cost-effectiveness?I recently saw Santic doing activities, have bought friends, can tell me how the quality of their clothes? Is there a better price/performance ratio than it.
  6. General Bike Discussion
    I like to do cycling and I want to lose weight through cycling. But my friend told me about cardio instead of cycling, since cycling burns calories at a much slower rate. Is it true? So what's better to lose calories faster, cycling or other exercises?
1-6 of 6 Results