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    Raleigh M80(2006)

    2006 Raleigh M80 27.5"
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    2006 Raleigh M80 SS

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    Cannondale H400

  9. Road Bikes
    I don't understand the advantage of having an 11 speed (gear) rear cassette over say 10/9/8/7/6 or 5 speed cassette? Is this the same marketing gimmick as the 4 or 5 bladed razor? You don't get a closer shave from a 4 or 5 bladed razor than a 3 bladed razor, if you think so I would submit that...
  10. Beginners Forum
    I have a wild hair up my arse to build a bike that I can ride in downtown Sacramento. I would like to build a "Fixie" I would not mind getting my hands on a vintage frame at a reasonable price. I have been looking on my local craigslist classifieds: jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services...