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  1. Fixed & Singlespeed
    Hello all, I am about 6 months deep into the bike culture, and am ready to convert my 1970's road bike into a fixed gear! The original spokes are rusted to the nipples, so I'm replacing them with gently used set of wheels off of a single speed. Everything else is in fairly good condition...
  2. Fixed & Singlespeed
    Well while I am waiting fo my Absolute 1.0 to come in I have bin thinking I would like a single speed. this is not a bike I think I would use a lot. So I looked on bikes direct thay have an SST1 speed that has what I want and it is only $299 shiped it has brakes F&R, crommoly frame & fork, a...
  3. General Bike Discussion
    It's not that I think a single speed bike needs to have any utility beyond being fun to ride but sometimes you just want to multitask. For many hip young urban singlespeeders (...or so I hear; I'm neither hip, nor young, nor urban) improved efficiency in beer consumption is a secondary goal of...
  4. Fixed & Singlespeed
    I have an old vintage steelie Schwinn Varisty. All components are pretty much shot so I stripped it down and want to make it into a fixed gear. I assume all I have to do is replace the hub and that's it? If so how do I know which hubset to buy?
  5. General Bike Discussion
    Traitor Cycles Anyone heard of them before? Curious to hear first hand feedback on their Products. Good quality and craftsmanship?
  6. Fixed & Singlespeed
    road 44 miles sat on the fixie side wow and my tush does not even hurt thank god for the FELT DISPATCH ....DOLLARS WELL SPENT .
1-6 of 6 Results