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  1. General Bike Discussion
    Just in case your standard indoor workouts are getting a little old, I thought I'd mention this. Bought and used this video yesterday. Let me say it was 1 hour of the most fun misery I've ever had on the rollers. This video, and the other on the site, are available for $9.49 with no tax or...
  2. General Bike Discussion
    Do you bent riders give it up in the winter or do you somehow fasten your bikes to a trainer as a DF is used indoors? I miss the bent crowd. Oneway, where the heck are you?
  3. Beginners Forum
    What do folks do for training in winter? Yeah, I know, lots of folks cycle in snow and below-freezing temps, but for wimps like me living in New England, any workouts that are particularly good or bad?
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Ordinarily we do not get much snow here in southern England. Until this year. Now we have 15" on the ground and roads. Can't ride outside because we have few snow plows and the lanes are bogged up. Cold you can deal with, it's the snow that's making things all wrong. Here's to global warming...
  5. Road Bikes
    I ride between 6 and 12 miles to work every day depending on the route that I take (and how early I got up), and I often do 20-30 miles on the way home because I don't really need to be anywhere by a certain time. I ride whether it's -20* outside, the roads are icy, or it's snowing or raining...
1-5 of 5 Results