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Magura blowout!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
*started a new thread just for the brakes

Get both front and rear with ONE set of Koxx Bloxx pads for $105!!!!!
I can even through in evo adapters, evo boosters, and two olives if you would like. Also, standard black pads can be thrown in if you like. :wavey:

Otherwise $57 each.
Shipping is $5.50. Paypal only.

Even with the missing lever blade these prices are crazy low.

Rear Pre '04 HS-33. Black, black lever. Clear hose between the lever and slave cylinder, black crossover. Super crazy long hose. I can include an olive if you'll want to shorten it. Currently bleed with water/antifreeze but needs a bleed. The bleed port on the lever is stripped, which is fine if you bath bleed them. The lever has a bolt going through the TPA adjuster. It works, but isn't as pretty as the little red knob.

Front Pre '04 HS-33. Red. No lever blade or TPA adjuster. The little rod and connecter are included. These are in great shape and were only used for about 6 months. Bin sitting in my parts bin since '04
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