06 Giant Glory DH vs. 06 Brodie Devo?

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking' started by hewlett, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. hewlett

    hewlett Guest

    Excluding the prices, which bike should I get for doing whistler style downhill?

    I know the glory has more travel, but is there any problems with them. I want a bike that will last me a few years.
  2. tajcrews

    tajcrews New Member

    Any bike that is used for downhill specific will require more maintenance so be prepared if you have not already owned a DH bike. No experience with the Brodie but lots with the Giant. The shop i worked at sponsored numerous riders and gave them these bikes as part of the sponsorship. They were great performing bikes but we had to warranty a couple for cracking issues. Could have just been a fluke but I still think they are good bikes. Have you ever ridden either?