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10,000km by bike from Berlin, Germany to Garade (south of Pune), India that is the current trip our crew "Guts For Change" is working on.

We are a team of young motivated people trying to raise awareness that about 6000 people die worldwide each year from preventable diseases which are caused by dirty water and poor sanitary conditions.
Simplest sanitary infrastructure and clean drinking water are therefor a fundamental to have in order to live in a safer and healthier environment.

As Guts For Change we have committed ourselves to spread the word about this current and ongoing dilemma. Traveling from Berlin to India by bike gives us the chance to reach the people in the streets and let them take part in our journey.
Our ultimate goal of the bike tour and fund raising is to build dry toilets in the city of Garade helping local residents and implement a small self-sufficient economical system.

If you would like to know more about "Guts For Change", our project and support us come check us out at:


Official Site:

Support Site:

Every single cent as well as share of our project's mission is a great help for us and very much appreciated!!

Thank you very much for reading,

The Guts For Change Team


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