$20 a month for riding bike to work

Discussion in 'Activism / Safety' started by camlifter, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. camlifter

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    has anyone been able to have there employer reimburse the $20 a month from the stimulus act for riding to work, if so how did you get it done. my employer is balking on this and giving me the run around. any info on the biking to work law would be helpfull. thanks.
  2. TxCyclist

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    How often do you have a bike to work to qualify?

  3. trx1

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    too bad i only work 2 days a week :(
  4. photosbymark

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    $20 or $2000, I don't want any stimulus money. Taking my cash to make me do anything to get a tiny bit of it back makes me really upset. Instead why not no stimulus and everyone that wants to rides their bike to work. The paperwork you boss has to do to make that happen probably cost whole lot more than the $20 bucks it would get back for you and everyone else that wanted to be in the program
  5. Digital_Cowboy

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    What I'd like to know is how did they come up with that figure of $20.00 a month for bicycle expenditures? I had to replace the tire and tube on my rear wheel and dropped over $70.00 in doing so. I'm guessing that whoever it was that came up with that figure hasn't really done any commuting by bicycle or visited a bicycle store recently otherwise they'd know that our monthly expenses bicyclewise can be much more then $20.00 a month.

    Even a yearly or twice yearly tune-up is going to run more then $20.00. One of the LBS' that I go to has several tune-up packages. I think the least expensive and I think it's just pretty much just a quick wipe down and tightening of nuts and bolts is just over $20.00 and the most inclusive for those who put 3k or more miles on their bikes in a year is around a $150.00 or so.

    In the few short months that I've had my Seek I've logged around 2,500 miles on it.

    So how did they come up with that figure of $20.00 a month for bicycle related expenses?