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Cycling Concepts in Glastonbury
2343 Main St
Glastonbury, CT 06033

Saturday October 30th, 9:30 am.

How it works:
As a controlled group we will ride a 40-mile loop that contains 13 tough hills. All riders will remain behind an official until he blows a whistle to signify the beginning of the sprint to the top of that hill. The riders will regroup at the top of each hill and make their way to the next hill.

There will be two categories: “open” and “competition”. You may choose which category you wish to race within although riders below 30 years of age must race within the “competition” category. Each hill will have an overall winner as well as first, second, and third place for each category.

$5. Yep, that’s all!

There will be a prize of $5 to the winner of each hill for each hill. First, second, and third place overall in each category will also be given a prize also. All riders must finish the race to collect their prizes.

Ask Dave in Rocky Hill at 860-563-6667 or email [email protected]

NOTE: I am not a member/employee of the Cycling Concepts store, nor am I affiliated with them. I am posting this as a favor for them.


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