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I can't tell you how disappointed I am to read this. The TDU has always signified the start of a fresh new racing season to me as I'm sure it does for everyone. I honestly thought since we were able to pull the TDF off, the Giro, etc. this was a sure bet in the new year...A fresh start to 2021

I'll be very honest, I'm more than disappointed to see they cancelled the event pretty much based on the fact the don't want people from other countries coming in is how I read what they are saying. They can't have a "safe" event based on that. I get that..kind of. Guess quarantine is too much of a bother to deal with to have such a great event :D

It is for that reason we have done all we can to consider how we can deliver it, but unfortunately in the end it was the international component, with over 400 people that make up the international teams, that proved to be the most difficult to overcome” says Executive Director, Events South Australia Hitaf Rasheed.

How did these other events get pulled off?

“We have worked with our stakeholders, SA Health and SA Police to create a successful strategy to bring the international event to South Australia. However, the complexities and risks involved with quarantining and international border closures have ultimately proved too much to ask of some of the teams, who have endured a stressful, challenging and compressed 2020 season that will run later than normal, ” said Ms. Rasheed. announcement&utm_email=&deliveryName=DM4811

With this in mind how in the world do they justify a "cycling festival"?

“We are excited about the opportunity to deliver a domestic cycling festival. An incredible amount of work has already been undertaken with key stakeholders and we will now go about finalising what that will look like and will look forward to sharing that with everyone later this month,” said Ms Rasheed.

The logic in this just escapes me. I mean I get this is restricted to Australian residents but shezzzz -pretty much forgoes and social distancing etc. How is it they can throw street parties and carry on but no race? Help me understand what it is I'm missing here, besides the quarantine of bringing in teams etc.

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Oh well a dismal 2020 carries on into the new year...yea us.

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Here's the real reason. The organizers were more than willing and had a great plan. There are relatively few Covid cases in Australia and a bubble would likely have been maintained successfully. It seems to have come down to rider and team fatigue mentality at the end of a quite strange and demanding year, and the UCI, recognizing this, made the race non-mandatory.
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