26", 650B, 29er, HA, all will bow to the 36er.

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    I have finally had some time to play around and relax, watch some tv and surf the net. Through a long rambling search of sites while looking for old jeep hubcaps I came across the Coker tire website. They are the name in the vintage tire industry carrying period correct tires for all the old cars.

    Well they also are a little into bicycles. They had the idea to build a penny farthing bicycle. Being in the tire industry they made the tires 36" tires to be exact, and the rims for them. They made the repro penny farthings then decided to make a bicycle.

    Introducing the Monster cycles. They make a cruiser for both males and females. They then decided to branch out into unicycles. They make 2 versions of their Unicycle.

    Check them out at Coker cycles. Check out the catalog for the bike and uni info.

    Here are some pics of the bikes and the unicycles. Check out the quad crown of the V2.

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    Pfft! 36" ain't no thing.


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    Riding that bike I would want it in trike format.