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26in Disc Bicycle Touring Wheelset

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26in Disc Bicycle Touring Wheelset

I have ordered a new Custom 26 Disc Touring Wheelset made at Ben's Cycles in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Feedback is helpful my question is that having Front 36/Rear 36 hole rims vs Front 36/Rear 40 hole rims it would be easier to have a secondary wheel set then when I had my Wheelset trued and I would have one just for Bike Touring and be able to have a replacement on the road in the USA for my Bicycle Touring trip

Velocity Cliffhanger Rim - 26", Disc, Black, 36H, Clincher RM4505
Sapim Strong Spokes STRG1314BLK1WHL
Sapim Polyax Nipples WB_Sapim_Nipples_Brass_Black_2 Wheels
Shimano XT HB-M756 Front Hub - QR x 100mm, 6-Bolt, Black, 36h HU8406
Shimano XT FH-M756A 36h 10-Speed 6-Bolt Disc Rear Hub, Black HU8427
5. DETAILS Ritchey Snap-On Rim Tape - Two Wheels - 26'' x 22mm ( $ 3.98)

saved $140.58

I canceled this Velocity Wheels 36/40 holes spokes Clydesdale setup was $583.00

I had to get a new Wheelset made for my Bicycle Touring Trips on my Soma Saga Disc Touring Bicycle

My last Bicycle Touring Wheelset is Rim Brake 10 years old and maybe I'll rebuild my old wheel set with the Sun Ringle Rhyno lite XL 26in 36 holes rims
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For tandems and expedition touring, 36 spoke wheels that have been properly designed and constructed are sufficient.
The small boost in durability you'll get with 4 extra spokes isn't enough to make buying "boutique" hubs worth the significant price increase.

Now, if your frame had been built with an offset back end, you could have used 32 spoke wheels and had much more evenly distributed left and right spoke tensions! In such cases, the Maxfoot wheels are reliable and amazing for long touring.
"if your frame had been built with an offset back end," what do you mean by offset back end

Soma Saga Disc brakes is 135mm Rear
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