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Maybe some people from 2Spoke would be willing to road trip. Or... in a few years, when the whole Midwest is talking about laxalleycats, you can say you skipped the 2nd ever :D
Hopefully this will be the beginning of my activity on this forum, I've been pretty idle.

As promised, we're doing this every month - yes, EVERY month, and when the weather gets nicer, we'll think about adding a couple more dates to the calendar. Just throwing this out there now - in July, we will be having a Gasoline Independence Day ride...and trying to drum up support from Madison, Chicago, and Minneapolis in the form of a "Ride to the Ride" on Amtrak. Its a ways off, but any buzz you can help out with now will go a long way...besides, lots of us know people in those three places.

So, for the 5th of December....Get the word out, talk it up, the more people that show up and ride, the better it gets! When we first hatched this idea, we envisioned masses of cyclists bombing through the streets, parking lots, alleys, and trails - generally causing a ruckus and raising the profile of urban cycling here; waking up the uncultured masses, if you will.

We will be meeting at the Hunger Task Force (Hunger Task Force of La Crosse) on the North Side at 5pm. (403 Causeway Blvd, La Crosse, WI 54603) Rain or shine - so bring appropriate clothing, lighting, and a food donation for race entry. If you do not have lights or appropriate clothing, contact us, and we'll get something figured out.
..remember...5pm on the 5th!

race flyer:
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