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    Wonder what the rules are for those pedal powered 4 wheeled cars I guess I have seen them referred to as quads. Do they fall into the same rules as a bike for construction and operation in the US??? Frankly I would think so, but common sense and regulations rarely go together.

    Looks like with gas headed up again, I wonder how practical something like that would be for transportation and local errands.

    I know about the Velomobiles, but I have never seen one. Cost seems to be the issue. Yet something simple with fairings you could remove could keep one out of the weather when needed and give you the open road feel when its not. At the price points I have seen they are not competing with bikes, but very nice used and maybe a few new cars.

    When gas hits $5 a gallon, if it does it quickly an alternative might look different. As long as it goes up, then comes back down some, then back up again people have time to adjust and will continue to buy gas. A quick jump or lack of availability would also change one's viewpoint in a hurry.

    Location would have a lot to do with it. My nearest grocery store is about 8 miles away. Other places you could hop in one, ride 3 blocks and you are there, or its possible that in many rural areas 8 miles might not get you off your own property. At some point the time penalty is going to win out.

    Time will tell, but I wonder where a bike/ people power cars will be in 20 years. Add electric assist and who knows.
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    Down at the Jersey shore thay have them 4 wheel Surrya for rent Once in a wile I see them for sale in the paper, seams like now every one wants a golf cart to get around. Some of them golf carts are built like Hummers, O yes thay have tags $ for them the golf carts not the surrys yet.

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    Quads come and go on the market. Right now the best place to look for innovation would be on UtahTrikes.com. They are making some really cool after-market stuff for the tadpole trikes that they sell and they are very deep into cutting edge tech. Because they work with factories as agents everything they do comes with a full factory warranty. The only thing about those things is that they do come with very steep price points but they use the highest end components. If all you want is a surry with the fringe on top you can still buy those plus pedicaps from some specialty places but then you're talking old school heavy steel everything not much different than the Schwinn adult three wheelers that grandma rides in the campground. Those too have their place but I doubt that is what you are talking about.