55+, just lost 100 lbs and want a city bike.

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    After a couple years of diet and exercise I am back to my ideal weight and fitness (55). It has been 25 years since I owned a bike. I want to start riding again. Bikes have changed in the last 25 years! I have tried several and I am sold on the full suspension of many modern bikes. It is a huge improvement for my now somewhat smaller A**. The one I tried and liked was a Cannondale with a superbly comfortable full suspension. Unfortunately I am 6' 4"/ 185 and the bike felt a bit like riding a tiny bike, like those bears in the russian circus ;-) Bottom line, any recommendations for a full suspension bike for mostly city and a bit of off-road suitable for a tall man?
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    I have no recommendations, Just wanted to say Hi from the Swamps of South Jersey

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    I guess I don't understand full suspension for city riding. Front suspension maybe, but rear isn't really nessasary is it? I like the Hybrid type bike for what you have discribed as your type of riding. But to each his own. I ride the same way...some gravel and paved bike paths and of course the suburban area. Take a look at the Specialized Crosstrail Comp or Pro.
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    Are you being fitted for bikes before you try them?
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    Going off Dean's question....do you know what the size was of the bike you tried??