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this is my first attempt at communicating about my Fastback restoration. I have a lot of NOS parts and a lot of 10 out of 10 used parts. I have some NOS S-5 hoops that I want to lace up to some used hubs that I have. My Frame serial number begins DD or April 68. I have several different hubs. I have a Sprint only rear hub which I am told is a 66 hub. My other rear hub has Schwinn approved and a (D) on it. Does this mean it is a 68?
I have two front hubs. One has 69 on it,which I assume is a 1969. My other hub also has a (D) on it. I hope the (D) stands for 1968 because I am trying to redo this bike as correctly as possible
Any feedback would be GREAT!
By the way this 68 Fastback is my second restoration. My other and first one is somewhere around a 1951 Monark. No one sor far knows for sure about it's true age. M#640C S#A1701868

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