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    Here are some pics of a ritchey break apart steel bike with dura ace. Can be checked at the airlines as luggage.

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    Thanks for the posting, Glens! It's good to see travel bikes evolving from the tiny-wheeled things of the past. I have been doing more traveling this year than is usual, so it might be getting time for me to consider one of these.

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    Can this be your only bike and hold up to major miles or would it be better as a travel bike, with a regular road bike for everyday rides, and the break apart used only when you travel for work etc.... What is the level of quality of the break apart locations? Is this something that could be put together and taken back apart every day or every other day for a year.

    I drive for work and I am away for weeks sometimes months at a time. I am in a company van but the space for my property is limited and there is no decent place on the outside for a carrier. I would like to take my bike but would be afraid of a load shift messing up a rim or it getting tore up. If I got this as a road bike could I ride it every day at home, tear it down for the road arrive put it together ride 2 or 3 days tear down and repeat every 2 or 3 days for 2 months back home for 2-3 months back on the road, repeat, repeat, repeat....

    I have taken tools apart to pack up and soon the connections start to get loose and it becomes sloppy. How does this bike and break down design hold up to that kind of use?

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    I believe this bike can be an everyday bike or a travel bike. This bike frame comes apart at the seat post ( it actualy has 2 bolts holding the frame together around the seat post ) and a flange that bolts the tubing together near the bottom bracket ( it comes with an extra flange bolt ). It took me a little over an hour to take it apart and wrap in the protective coverings. It also took me an hour to put it together. I might add that I am not very handy at those sorts of things but it is very easy to get the hang of. If you want to see it assembled and disassembled go to utube at search for Ritchey Breakaway bike, they have agreat video.

    This bike comes with its own suitcase and protective wrappings. I added more because I did not feel what was provided was enough. I also added memory foam to put in between the wheels. I traveled with this bike from Houston to Barcelona Spain and rode over 200 miles in the Pyranees. This bike preformed great even when I was zooming down the mountains at close to 40 miles an hour. I paid alittle over $1000 for the frame at Performance Bike and had them put the components from another bike on this one. I now have a bike I can take anywhere in the world to ride without the airline hassle of additional charges.

    I don't know if this bike will work for you but if you are interested go to the Ritchey web site and get the info. There is a titanium option also. I might add this is my second bike, I also ride an 09 Orbea Orka. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
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    break able bike

    On a recent cross country ride, my riding partner rode one of these bikes and absolutely loved it.

    And when we got to St Augustine, she retrieved her case from fedex, packed it up and was the first one dropped at the airport while the rest of us schlepped off to a bike shop next to UPS to have ours boxed and shipped.

    She is an experienced cross country rider and 3200 miles later she was still smiling and declaring it was money well spent.