A couple of Legislators are holding up the Bicycle Safety Bill

Discussion in 'Activism / Safety' started by SUX VR40 Rider, Feb 18, 2010.

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    There are a couple of law makers in Iowa who think this is a partisan issue and as such are against the Bicycle Safety Bill. Therefore they are holding it up on purpose so it can not be debated with the hope it will die or not make it through this year. This is not true and is foolish nonsense. The bill has already gained bi-partisan support.

    I have to wonder why they are truly doing this. I wonder if some motorist group or even if the safety coalition who wants to ban cyclists from roadways have put them up to this.

    A request has gone out asking people to contact their representatives to ask the 2 who are holding this up to let it go through so it can be debated. I have submitted my requests.

    Here is the article from the IBC: