A lesson in humility

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    I know this is a cycling website but I am so impressed with what has just happened in professional baseball. I'm sure not everyone here follows or likes baseball but it's been all over the news from ESPN to the Today show. Basically a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers had a perfect game going and was one out away from making it reality. Then it happened a routine play and the ump, Jim Joyce, blew the call costing Armando Galarraga his perfect game ! Did he throw a fit like a 10 year old ? NO ! He was a true professional, accepted the call and got on with it ! Jim Joyce knows he blew the call and has accepted that as well. It has been an emotional ordeal for him and my hat is off to him for admitting that he blew it. This just shows what is missing in ALL professional, no check that, ALL sports at ALL levels. This has turned out to be a a true class act from the Tigers, their fans and umpire Jim Joyce !

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcHMIepUs08]YouTube - Jim Joyce's blown call[/ame]

    Following Jim Joyce's perfect game call, Bud Selig's stance on instant replay not popular, but right
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    Both of these men have set a wonderful example. I wish some of our politicians would pay attention to things like this!

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    That's great. I hate the attitude that professional sports has taken.