A newb question about bike spanner sizes

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by Austinmaxi555, Mar 28, 2011.

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    As I mentioned in my introduction post a while back i havent done much cycling in a long time, however i am back and loving every moment of it, as a birthday treat I bought a new bike AN ammao dresden 20/700 hybrid, now the problem im having is none of my spanners or sockets fit snugly they are pretty good quality that i have used for years on my cars and vans but on the bike there seems to be about .5mm difference between the spanner and the bolt head size....... are there some magic +.5mm spanners hidden under the lbs counter that can only be sold if you know the password or do bikes have a complete sizing method of there own now?? :confused: :confused:

    please help i dont want to round off any bolts

    Warmest regards
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    They're either metric or standard, which may be difficult for non-Americans to accept. But those crazy metric sizes have some .5mm allen bolts.

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    Americans are not thrilled about it either Hack. Every time its metric, we have the standard tools and every time we have metric tools its a standard bolt. Such is the life of a mechanic