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So here it is Wednesday and I'm just getting around to looking at some of the paperwork that came with the Cap2Cap ride from this past Saturday. It's actually on the cue sheet I never looked at :D

My wife and I have ridden the New River Trail and is the best rider we have done yet! We have ridden all 57 miles twice and wanting to go back again soon! New River Rail Trail

Well, now it looks as if they are putting ona different kind of Tri!

Taken from the web site:
The New River Challenge

There are three stages. It starts at Foster Falls with a 40-mile mountain-bike ride followed by a 12-mile kayak stage and ends with a half marathon (13.1 miles).

Holy cow that would be a lot for me, 12 miles in a kayak?! My wife and I have done some recreational kayaking and that my friend is an upper body workout!

I will say I love this area and at one point we had looked at some property out that way for the day when we MIGHT be able to retire
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