A weekend at the amusement parks

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    I had a family event in southern California last weekend.
    My family gets together from all over twice a year. This years gtg was in Pasadena Calif. With another gtg in Las Vegas in early december for the marathon, which 4 of my family(me included) will run.
    We did a couple of parks: Six flags Magic Mountain and Universal studios.
    This is my first trip there in 44 years, I was 12.
    Universal is a theme park, everything had to do with movies and tv.
    Jurasic park the ride, Backdraft, Simpsons the ride...etc.
    Magic Mountain is a coaster park. It had like 23 rides and 16 of them were roller coasters.

    Roller Coasters are a passion of mine. I, when younger, would travel the country and do nothing but ride roller coasters.
    Magic Mountain certainly scratched that itch:D:D:D!!!
    I rode all but 2. The 2 were x-3 and Jokers revenge. These were simply vomitoriums to me.
    I rode the Goliath forward and backward, 350 feet tall and 135 mph. Viper-8 loops. Scream-125 mph and 7 loops and several others.

    Here is a vid of the entire ride on Viper. 110 miles per hour 100 foot loops and 8 of them at that. This was shot by me(I held that camera like that the whole time, instead of holding on...I should have held on!:eek:)
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dvEPLUYnHg]YouTube - Riding The Viper[/ame]
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    Keep you busy do they? I love roller coaster to but they make me sick. I ride a couple at the end of any park I go to that way I'm throwing up on the ride home instead of all day.