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    ok well I feel like Im at an AA meeting where everyone has to introduce themselves :D

    My name is Phil and I was HiJacked from the Jeep Forum... talkin about Jeeps, now all of a sudden Im here talking about bikes.... and my watch is 3 hrs behind as well :eek:

    right at this very moment, Im bikeless and its mid June! How did I get this way? well ok I will tell you the story...

    I had an awesome road bike but it got totalled and I was nearly killed.

    then I had a no frills mountain bike. chromolly frame, no suspension but it worked great for like 15 years then I sold it.

    I really liked the mountain bike so I went for a better mouse trap and got an Iron Horse Maverick 3.0. this bike had an aluminum frame and front suspension. This was a good bike too. In fact I bought one for my dad as well who wanted to get back into biking (at 80!)

    these bikes were good but frankly overkill for the majority of the riding that we did. I took mine off road like once in 2 years. On the road, they are stable and comfortable mainly due to the large tires, but kinetic energy is not transfered all that well.. you loose energy with the shocks and fat tires. the fastest I ever had that bike going was 42klms / h whereas the road bike went 62klms on a stretch (these are peaks). transporting the bikes was another thing too. so next we investigated folding bikes and bought three "Swiss Bikes" (Montague). Yes they folded and they were ok as well but besides being more expensive than comparable bikes, folding them and trying to stack them in a car or truck was like putting a puzzle together. I recall another guy pulling up with a 4 bike trailer hitch rack, hanging up his 4 bikes and gone by the time I got one bike into position to be able to accommodate the others. So shortly after our stint with the folders, they were gone too. I think they are more like a gadget than a well thought out bike. The frames were built in Taiwan, and the lower bearing on one of the bikes was never right from day one - made a frustrating clicking sound. I was nearly about to change it when they sold.

    My brother also bought a Strida. This is a neat bike if you are in the city and planning to hop onto streetcars etc. Strida folds in seconds, weighs about 20L and takes up much less space. If you want a folding bike, I would recommend that over the folding mountain bikes. The FMBs are said to be portable, but in reality they are too heavy to carry and too large to carry onto a crowded subway etc.

    Now Id really like to go for a Bad Boy (Ultra). This is a hybrid bike, has a single front shock that you can lock out. there are several versions, BB, (center pull brakes) BB "Disk" (disk brakes) and BB Ultra Disks and the shock.

    It has great reviews all round but cost from 1000-1500 which is a lot of money to me, especially being as that I would have to buy one for my wife too, we usually buy bikes in pairs.

    If anyone wants to donate a bike or two for a tax receipt, I need a "large" and she needs a "medium".

    Meanwhile we are bike-less in the City. I was pondering buying a pair of used Renegade MB's that are for sale near us for the time being -- that would be taking us back to like 15 years ago.

    best, Phil
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    Welcome! After Jeeps and Bikes it's a wonder we have any money to eat.

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    Welcome to the board! Jeeps and bikes, not a whole lot can top that.
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    Very true statement Dean, Welcome Phil!
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    How did you nearly die on your bike? Yikes! Glad you are still here with us chatting about bicycles! :)