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Advice on Long Distance Bicycle Ride

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I'm going from Austin to San Marcos it 43.7 miles. First long ride. Any advice guys?
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I think I've probably hit 20+ miles screwin around the city on the weekend. And as previously stated industry, My local bike shops suck. there either illiterate potheads or uptight yuppie's that scoff at questions (seriously I asked a dude what a presta valve was like a year ago and he scoffed). I think I'm going to cram 5 hours and water and hope that gets me through.
So you will be doubling your ride. Serious about the chamois cream, use it. If you are prone to aches and pains, take ibuprofen along. You do have a jersey with back pockets yes?
No but I do have a camel hump satchel thing. It has pretty thick straps but it rubs. That might be uncomfortable.
A jersey with pockets in the back is something you will want to get for sure. You carry all that you need in there. You can reach back and get things while riding.
I have Spots on my road bike for two canteen's and one I plan on filling with water the other I was going to cram a cliff bar and a five hour. Do you have a url for what your talking about Smiley. Thanks for your help by the way.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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