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This shows 2 devices I use while riding to alert others and help keep myself safe from collisions.

The bell is used on trails to alert slower traffic I am passing. I sound it far enough behind as to not scare anyone but close enough others can hear it.

The Air Zound horn is used when I ride on public roadways. It used for the same reasons a horn is used on motor vehicles. To alert other roadway users when they pass too close, turn too close in front of me, cut me off or are about to pull out in front of me too soon. The horn is 115 decibels and is rated as a Coast Guard Signal Device. The reservoir holds 80 pounds of air. This is the second Air Zound I have used. The first wore out over time and had to be replaced.

The dog you hear in the back ground is my dog, a 112 German Shepard, who started barking from inside the house after I sounded the Air Zound.

When I have had to use it and a motorist is not expecting it they get a rather surprised look on their face. Especially when it was they who decided to pass too close because they felt I did not belong on the roadway.

[ame=""]Air Zound and Flag Bell[/ame]
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