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I wrote this last winter thought y'all might like it. So anyone else here write any poetry?
This one is called Mentally Bent

Sitting at home
In my chair
I am warm in my chair
I get up to
Go for a ride
On my bike
In the cold winter air

Cold at first
Till the legs start moving
But as I ride
And pedal the bike
I start to feel
Alive and warm

The wind in
My face makes
My heart race
I feel so alive
And so free on
My bike

Getting cold
Turning around
Heading back home
Is where I
Will be found

Back in my chair
I sit here and write
My bike is
Put away for the night

Till I feel blue again
I think I will stay in
Warmed in my chair
I sip on my tea

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Here's one:

Rode The Mountain

John and John, JR and Paul
saw the mountains – rode them all.

Saw the oceans, coast to coast,
rode them down – no meagre boast.

Two legendary seas were claimed
twelve days apart, and these were named

Atlantis and the Middle Earth:
Two places on a chainwheel’s girth

held separate by the wheel of time,
(each tooth another hill to climb).

With scattered cattle, horses, goats,
more sheep than on the John O’Groats,

the task was daunting, plans were changed,
then fixed, the rendezvous arranged -

At last the legends drew their maps
and set their compasses, perhaps,

and trained until their fibres burst
and bid the mountains do their worst

and rode the steepest climbs of all -
John and John, JR and Paul.

John and John, JR and Paul
rode the mountains – beat them all.


Rat Biker
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Very nice work...I have no poetic skills so I will have to sit back and enjoy yours.

Thanks Hey I thought same thing when I started writing a couple years ago. Glad you enjoyed it.
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