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Any riders in Colorado Springs

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Anyone on here live in or near Colorado Springs?
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Well..if you count Denver...Ido. Know a couple riders down that way, also.
How far is that?
bout 30 miles
I actually had a connection in Denver for a flight to COS. That was a quick jump.
My son's bike got stolen while he was home for winter break. Not sure if I'll get him a new or used one to replace it, or have one shipped to him. I was hoping to find someone near the school that can help him out.
Did you take it?
Pueblo West, Colorado moved here from San Antonio, Texas. I don't know which is worse, probably Pueblo West, the wind blows here all the time making riding a bike a real challenge, but riding in and near Texas traffic is another thrill.
i live in the springs. also looking for people to ride with. im very new too cycling and just picked up a fuji cyclocross.
I know a few riders down that way. I'll ask them if they mine if I put you in contact with them. (or visa-verse) They're a combination of semi-pro/pro riders, but very personable. Maybe get them to get into this forum.
cycling in the springs.

Awesome. I greatly appreciate it. I'm by far no pro but it would be nice to ride with someone instead of riding alone. And actually learn how to cycle and not look like a idiot. LOL.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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