Anyone from around Rochester? Have any experience with Park Ave Bike Company?

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    Recently I had a bad experience with the Park Ave Bike Company on Monroe Ave in Rochester. I just wondered if anyone else had had any problems there. My brother who lives in South Carolina bought me a Specialized Cyclometer for Christmas and he paid with a credit card and gave me a gift reciept with the computer. When I got it I realized that it had to be taken back within 7 day for a full refund. I thought this was strange being that places like walmart and other retial stores give 30, 60, or 90 day for a full refund. When I called them to verify this fact they assured me that their policy was 7 days for refund and 30 day for store credit. Being that I wanted a trek Cyclometer that Park Ave Bikes doesn't sell I needed to be able to get a refund. They also told me that if the item was bought with a check, you may not be able to get your money right away because they wouldn't want to drain all the cash out of the register which i suppose makes sense. They did not tell me however that if the gift was purchased with a credit card they would need the credit card and also they would only be able to credit the credit card and not give me cash or send me a check. The only other option I had was to call my brother and have him give the cashier the credit card number over the phone. I was not in a hurry for the money so I have a hard time understanding why they couldn't wait for the money to come in after he paid for off the bill and just write me a check. I realize that their is a charge associated with processing a credit card charge but where is the customer service. They also told me that I had to go to the Monroe Ave Store to get the refund (which I never got) which I didn't want to go to cuz it was out of my way and then when I settled for a Cat Eye V2C they didn't have it there so I had to go to the Jay Scutti Store from there. End result I traded $124 + the $45 Specialized wireless sport for a V2C when I wanted to get the Trek Node 1 ($120).

    I also had bad luck with a gift card from there previously because they charged a maintenace fee on the card which they don't talk about on there site. I wrote a review and verified it on my email and they have not put the review up. Shady people.