Anyone know anything about Jamis bikes?

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    I'll be honest, I don't. My dad is looking at getting a Jamis Explorer. I am not real familiar with that style of bike or the manufacturer. I was hoping that someone would be able to offer some advice.

    He is looking to ride for exercise, nothing serious. He is in his early 60's. Thanks in advance.
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    The Jamis explorer 1 is a very small step above a walmart bike. I have found that a better quality bike makes the riding that much more enjoyable. If he can afford it he should look at the Jamis Explorer 3 it is around $625 if he is set on the Jamis brand.

    Other options would be to have him look at a Trek 7300 it sells for around $640. Or a Cannondale Adventure 3 for around $660.

    To go with the explorer 1 he would end up disliking the quality of parts and end up not riding it much. A better bike does make a difference, but there is no reason to spend thousands on one for just excercise and fun riding.

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    Thank you for the comps to the Jamis. I will pass the information along to him. I think that he and I will be going to look at some bikes this week. I know I won't be able to talk him into a seriuous upgrade but I will certainly try!
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    I have a Jamis Explorer 2.0 It is a nice bike. Now that I have some 370 miles on it I find things I would like different But for the money it is a good bike.
    I would like a Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra But thay are 4 times the $$ I spent on my 2.0
    My .02

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    Jamis bikes

    I have a 2007 Jamis Coda Comp. It's not really a hybrid, but not a true road bike. It sits more upright, has flat handle bars, but is comfortable to ride, and is as fast as my old road bike (2006 Trek 1500). Have not had any difficulties with it mechanically. When I worked in town, I used it to commute. Am looking into the Jamis touring bike right now.
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    They make good bikes, but I've found that any new bike under $300 is really pushing it when it comes to quality. When I worked at a bike shop, I sold Giant Boulders all day long. Decent spec, good build quality, and they offer enough sizes and flavors to suit most budgets.