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Anyone live car free?

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I've always been somewhat interested in giving up my car for good, but I'm not sure. Anyone ever done this?
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I couldn't give up cars completely myself... But I have talked to a few guys that don't own one themselves. When I was in Boston, MA, I talked to a few guys that were car-less. One guy was a bike messenger that ran a fixed gear and was on it 40+ hours a week and just walked or took the train "T" to get where else he needed to go. Another was a guy that rode his fixed gear bike from Maine to Boston, went to school, then rode back home every summer. Never got a clear answer on the distance traveled in that trip though. It's quite do-able and I'd love to do so myself.... It just won't happen for me. I love driving too much.
i have been car free for 3 years's not so hard if you live in a climate like i do.i do everything on "one" of my i have found out,it's a lot easier to do it with a few different styles.i have road,mountain,hybreds,and beach cruisers.they all serve their purposes.i also have a "big tow" by yak. that i use to carry large items around with. i do have to sometimes get an occasional ride in a car from one of my friends,but they seem to understand me and appreciate my concerne for the inviornment.besides,using the barter system with them,likecookouts,fresh fish,or anything i can offer works too! ride on
My hat is off to you. I do what I can on the single speed, but haven't got to that point... probably never will.
How the heck did he get his clothes and stuff he needed home for the summer?
He could have used a trailer or had a stash in both places... Never thought to ask that part.
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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