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Anyone live car free?

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I've always been somewhat interested in giving up my car for good, but I'm not sure. Anyone ever done this?
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With the exception of missing my motorcycling days, I am quite happy to give up the auto. I haven't kept track, but I am certain I've saved gobs of cash by not having to pay for gas, car-insurance/car-taxes, and vehicle maintenance.

Now all I need to do is save up for a Bionx or similar electric motor, and I'm all set!
Sounds wonderful, where did you grow-up?
I had a 100 mile drive twice a week to work but I did most of my shopping and getting around town on my city bike in Ridgecrest.
I also had a 33 mile route on my road bike three times a week.
Pigs don't sweat!

Skunky, hell ride or don't ride! If it "don't" feel good then don't do it.
If you can't take a shower or work a little smelly then drive, take a bus.

If you wear a suit carry it and change when you get there, sponge bath in the bathroom. If you work in a plant or some kind of labor then just put on some deodorant and go for it.

Have a happy
Have a happy, let me know how it works for you.
Pour guy.

My heart goes out to him.
Sounds great.

I try to ride when I can.
You get wet when you take a shower.

Enjoy all that life offers, wet, dry and wild!
1 - 8 of 54 Posts
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