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Anyone live car free?

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I've always been somewhat interested in giving up my car for good, but I'm not sure. Anyone ever done this?
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Yes, car free!

Hi Adventurer, great question! :)

I have always been car-free since being away from parents (I'm 30 now, never had a license). Pretty easy for me - was in the arctic (fly-in only, virtually no roads) when I came to driving age. Then when I lived in the city I just walked and used public bus transit. Now I live in a very small town that reaches amenities within a kilometer. Two things that I want to stress as being very helpful toward this is 1. A trailer to carry what you need. I used to put all things/groceries in a hikers backpack - can be hard on the shoulders and you can only pack in so much, so I was in the market for a trailer and boy am I glad I found the one I did - as opposed to the more conventional ones. The "fold-it" is aluminum, can hold lots, up to 300lbs., folds for storage. Originally purposed for a garden/yard cart, you buy the optional bike hitch that attaches to seat post.
Wheel Tire Snow Vehicle Wood

2. If you live in a winter environment like I do, Nokkian studded tires are awesome to ride easily over snow and ice...I have the Hakka's, they've got over 300 studs per tire.

It's quite fun to blaze the streets in the -20'sC. Also, easier for me 'cause we work at home and don't need to travel to a job. But really, a lot of people could be car free - it's really the want of it that creates the real possibility.
A lot of people -especially starting out- find freedom in driving a motor vehicle, but truly there's a lot of freedom to be had not paying for all the bills and gas - and the knowledge that you're not polluting.

I'll live soon on the east coast, where the commute for amenities with be greater than now - around 15km, so considering I'll be driving up a mountain to come back home, I'm really looking forward to using an electric bike using the "bionX" system...that'll be fun.

Best wishes; most especially if you do go car-free! ---GD :cool:


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