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Anyone live car free?

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I've always been somewhat interested in giving up my car for good, but I'm not sure. Anyone ever done this?
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I've been car free for over 9 years, since I moved to Europe in 2000. In much of Europe, cycling is a very common way to get around town, and usually the bus, train, and metro/subway services fill in the gaps where a cycle becomes impractical (such as covering a long distance very quickly).

Of course I am very proud of where I currently live - Copenhagen. It has the largest *daily* cycle-to-work population for it's size - each and every day 400,000-500,000 people ride their bicycle to work or school in Copenhagen. Forty years ago Copenhagen was just as car-clogged as anywhere else but now 55% of the population choose the bicycle. 37% in the Greater Metropolitan area.

Since I switched over to recumbent trikes in 2006, I've found a whole new appreciation for cycling. A 'bent is more comfortable for me, so I can travel farther and (usually) faster, and therefore get more done. My little Anthrotech trike serves as the daily commuter (10 km per day), shopping cart, lumber truck, moving van, and long distance tourer (two annual trips of over 1,000 km/600 miles).

And I am glad to see more people looking at recumbent cycling in general: there are several families with trikes in the area that carry a kid on the back-rack *and* often pull a trailer with another kid inside, plus groceries, and they enjoy doing it.

With the exception of missing my motorcycling days, I am quite happy to give up the auto. I haven't kept track, but I am certain I've saved gobs of cash by not having to pay for gas, car-insurance/car-taxes, and vehicle maintenance.

Now all I need to do is save up for a Bionx or similar electric motor, and I'm all set!
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Sounds wonderful, where did you grow-up?
Sorry for the late reply! I was born in San Antonio, Texas, lived briefly in Houston until about age 7, then moved to north of Atlanta, Georgia. Around 1990 moved to New Hampshire with my folks. In 2000 I did a brief stay in Cortez, Colorado before escaping the growing craziness of the U.S. to Europe, specifically northern Germany. Currently enjoying the wonderful cycling infrastructure of Denmark.

Relatively car-free since 1993, but did drive a few times in 2000 to renew my driving license (just in-case), and move furniture to a new house. License expired in 2004, never bothered to re-new it. With the amount of cycling I do, and the abundance of public transport in Europe, there just is no need.

A folding Brompton plus public transport = win!
I take it you're a little farther south.
Copenhagen actually. I try to do a ride up to Helsingor and back at least (about 100km round-trip) once a month to keep the long-distance muscles in some sort of shape for my 1,000km+ tours in the spring and summer, but actually missed out last month. Must do two rides this month I guess to make up for it! :)
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