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Well, firstly, as I am a new member (minutes ago) this is my first post.

I have been a C'dale junky for twenty years and just sold my M500 that I bought 20 years ago...I didn't want to see it go but the wife says I have too many bikes (2?). I have had a few more and my Prophet was stolen in Germany which is why I have the Ruch now.

Anyway, my two cents that I'd like to add is that I have never had any real problems with my C'dales and I don't believe they are overpriced. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, they are an innovative company (what I like about them) and I'm sure that the RD cost is absorbed by the buyer of C'dales. That said, I have seen other bikes spec'd a little better which is okay with me becasue I want the uniqueness of the Cannondale. My Lefty always gets some kind of comment...I love it.

I'm not too happy about the frame building being moved to China.
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