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Ok in the ever increasing complexity of bicycling, I am considering some changes. In the world of modern engineering, I think what I have in mind might work, but then again it might not.

I am thinking about changing the gearing on the back of the Sunray to more of a road grouping. He is what it has on it stock on the rear. 26 inch bolt on wheel with a 7 speed freewheel, and the grip twist shifters.

What I have is an extra 26 inch wheel, BUT it has an 8 speed cassette on it. It is also a quick release wheel. The goal is to have 2 rear wheels, one more geared toward the typical road gearing, and one more for cruising and climbing like that's on it now.

I can't think of a reason, but is there any reason I shouldn't use a quick release wheel on the back of a bike that came with bolt ons. I am pretty sure bolt ons were used because they were cheaper and they were trying to keep the price down. Can't see where strength could be an issue, but I could be wrong.

Second I don't remember but is there any difference in the wheel of a wheel for an 8 speed cassette and one for a 7 speed??? Don't remember. Seem to think there might be.

Then if I took the 8 speed cassette off and put the 7 speed cassette on, is that going to be compatible with the derailleur and shift properly when I pull the 7 speed freewheel off and put the 7 speed cassette on??? I'll use the same size tire on both wheels so in theory it should be a minimal difference. I know the best way to speed this bike up is to reduce the weight of the engine, but if this would work it might make things a bit more efficient.
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