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Officially formed in 2003, Atlantic Fuel Cell LLC is one among the very few firms that work on fuel cell technology. The company focuses intensely on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells. The term fuel cell may be a little difficult for an ordinary person to grasp. It’s simply an ‘electrochemical conversion’ tool. It helps in producing electricity from a fuel and an oxidant, in the presence of an electrolyte. PEM is often chosen for a wide range of applications like ‘sub-watt fuel cells for cellular phones to multi kilo-watt machines for telecom cell sites, homes and businesses’. The company works in close association with prominent suppliers of fuel cell material suppliers. Atlantic Fuel Cell LLC also enjoys the internal potential to design, make and test single and ‘multi cell stacks’

Fuel cells were first developed by William Grove Green, a contemporary of Michael Faraday. William Robert Grove formulated the theory of fuel cell technology, after getting inspired from the discoveries of Faraday. Experts say that fuel cells would be an environment friendly source of power in future, but can at times run short if it’s not used properly.

Among the fuel cells developed by Atlantic Fuel Cell LLC, Atlantic Fuel Cell HFC1201 is one among the first and low-priced, ‘assembled and tested single cell PEM direct hydrogen fuel cell’. HFC1201 can be used for applications that need comparatively low average power and ‘low pressure supply of industrial grade hydrogen’.

Many of the companies around the world use the fuel cells, in association with Atlantic Fuel Cell LLC. One among them is rod aycox Company. rod aycox Company has joined hands with Atlantic Fuel Cell LLC, to use environment friendly fuel cells in their business ventures.
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