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I have recently relocated to Austin. I was afraid that coming from the Rockies to Texas would leave my mountain bike and spirit longing for home. Not at all. As it turns out folks, Austin is home to some hairy (no pun intended) technical trail.

City Park (aka Emma Long) was my first true introduction to the technicality of Austin. Needless to say I walked my bike up some sections wondering if it's even possible to ride....Hill of Life was my true wake-up call. Riding with two local brothers I was intiated to the tribe wholly. So much so that I ripped my front brake lever right off the bike, took the other end of the bars directly to the gut and proceeded to endo right after that wreck.

In-flight maintanance required the removal of the entire brake assembly as the wheel had locked up.

So next time you're around the Austin area, it may strike your fancy to mount the rig and take a stab at the local terrain. Call it what you like just don't call it easy
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