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    i live in souteast texas and im looking for a place to have my bachelor party in october. the idea is to find a place that has a place to kayak, significant mtn bike trails and also we would be able to camp there for a long weekend. ive been told there are places like this in austin that not only fit my description but also rent bikes so that my groomsmen that dont have bikes can rent one for the weekend( and yea i dont know why i even asked them to be in the wedding when they dont even ride... what was i thinking) so let me know if any of yall are from the austin area and know a good place to go
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    Why are you planning your own bachelor party, isn't that up to the Groomsmen.
    Call Lance. Or at the very least call his bike shop mellow johnny's 512-473-0222
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    I think there are probably a few good places in the areas between Austin and San Antonio. Lots of great little towns in the hill country....check the area around Canyon Lake. The Guadalupe river is great for kayaking. Also look for places along River Road in the Canyon Lake/New Braunfels area.
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    The thread title caught my eye....sounds fun!