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Discussion in 'Training / Health' started by mike_g, Jun 18, 2009.

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    I have bad knees from running track in high school. After doing some hard riding (for me) my knees tense up and start hurting. Anybody have any recommendations on maybe some kind of brace I can wear on my knees when I ride to give them more support? Or maybe some exercises I can practice that would help.

    Anybody else here have knee problems that sometimes gets in the way of cycling?
  2. BigDumbBear

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    keep your cadence up and it will minimize the strain on your knees. My mom has a bum knee and her doc told her to get on the exercise bike. Cycling should help your knees as long as you take it easy at first.

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    many years of competative sports have whittled away my knees too!! not to mention the long distance bike riding thrown's what i do. i find that the two best exercises for your knees are the bicycle and THE SWIMMING POOL!! both are low impact,high output.steady peddeling,and a good knowledge of how to use your gears at the proper time is a must.make sure your bike fits you.if your unsure,go to a GOOD bike shop and ask them to help you get fitted to your bike.make the proper adjustments as'de be surprised at the people i see laboring along on their bikes thinking that everything is can do way more harm than good!!and for the pool?? well it pretty much self explanatory.swim and kick and stroke and just play around!! even a good hard walk back and forth across the shallow end will's soothing and refreshing and very low impact with huge results.hope this will help you.ride on