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Massachusetts is having a week of cycling starting May 12.
Please add any city & town sponsored rides here.

Brockton will have a 10 mile ride starting from city hall @ 8:30 AM Saturday May 12, proceed to Main Street Café in Easton then continue to D. W. Field Park. The main event will be @ 10 AM in the Tower Hill parking lot of D W Field park. Events for all ages are planned.

Stoughton is also having a ride Saturday May 12. Starting @ 9 AM from the DPW at Central street and riding to D W Field park in Brockton for the 10 AM events.
Stoughton will have an Off-road ride on May 19 at the Bird Street conservation. Meet at 9 AM at the Bradley Lessa playground adjacent to 1212 West St. More info at

Check your paper & web site for locally sponsored rides.
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