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After a month of posting I have just read my messages where it says I should introduce myself! Better late than never I suppose.
I am 54 years old although I don't feel (or look!) that old, living in Sweden but I grew up in the States. I have been riding road bikes on an off since I bought a Schwinn Varsity (used) with my own money when I was 13.
I am a member of the local club here in Lund and we ride 3 times a week and I am the intermediate group leader. Lund is in the southern part of Sweden and we have really nice terrain for road riding and beautiful landscapes, 1000 year old churches and so forth, and relatively car-free roads. I've often thought about starting a bed and breakfast with road tours for bikers from the states but that will no doubt remain a pipe dream.
I ride a LOOK KG451 with Dura Ace 7800 and Mavic SSC SL wheels. I have as a winter project to build up a LOOK KG381. The frame was formerly owned by Team Crédit Agricole and because of the size (59) I wonder if it wasn't one of Thor Hushovd's but who knows, fun project anyway. One needs a winter project here because it gets very dark during the winter months. Lots of spinning at the gym.
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