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Discussion in 'Activism / Safety' started by TxJeeper, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. TxJeeper

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    What is the best helmet to use? I have never used one and I am going to buy one soon but want some opinions on which to buy for Mountain biking. I do not want a full helmet but something to protect the noggin.
  2. bantam700

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    If you are just looking for protection any helmet from a $20 one at wal mart to a high end $250 one from a bike shop will do the trick, about the only advantages a more expensive helmet has is aerodynamics, weight, and the amount of air it directs over your head to keep you cool.

    That being said, I have used this helmet for off road riding in the past and I have no complaints about it: Giro / Cycling Helmets / Indicator

  3. Tarukai

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    I actually use the same one as bantam.

    I like it a lot because it's not heavy and it doesn't really make you that hot wearing it for a while.

    I use it for MTB, so it should be a good choice I'd say.
  4. tajcrews

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    Giro Xen. The most comfortable helmet i know of, well at least for my head anyways. Worth a try. Higher end helmets are sometimes more impact resistance depending on the manufacturer. Giro/Bell is one of the best i think
  5. zahgurim

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    The best helmet for YOU is the one that fits YOU best.
    Go to a shop and try a bunch on. They all meet the same crash ratings...
    More money spent just means it gets lighter, with better features.

    Each manufacturer uses different molds, and they all have a slightly different fit.